NFC tag trial 2021

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Closes 31 Oct 2021

Tell us about your experience using NFC tags with the NZ COVID Tracer

Kia ora,

We're keen to hear about your experiences in using NFC tags to add diary entries to your NZ COVID Tracer app.

This survey will only take a few minutes.Thanks for your feedback.

1. Please select your age group:
2. How did you find out about the NFC tag trial?
3. Have you used any NFC tags to add a diary entry to the NZ COVID Tracer?
4. If you selected "no, but I tried", do you know why it didn't work?
5. If you selected "no, I didn't try", please tell us why you didn't try?
6. Please answer the following questions using a scale of 1-5, with 1 being Not at all useful and 5 being Really useful.
7. In the last two weeks, how many times have you scanned in with NFC tags?
8. In the last two weeks, how often did you scan in with QR codes?
9. Please have a look at the diary section of the NZ COVID Tracer app on your phone. Do you have more QR code entries since you starting using the NFC tags?
10. If we were to continue installing NFC tags, where would you like to see more of them?
11. If we were to roll out NFC tags to other places, what suggestions for improvement do you have?
12. Thanks for your feedback. If you'd like to go into a draw for a Fitbit, please share your details.