Feedback on proposed quality performance indicators for head and neck cancer

Closed 20 Jun 2020

Opened 18 May 2020


The Cancer Control Agency, in partnership with the Head and Neck Cancer Working Group, have developed a set of proposed quality performance indicators (QPIs) for Head and Neck Cancer.

A set of 14 QPIs have been selected, in partnership with sector leaders, to measure performance and drive continuous quality improvement in head and neck services in New Zealand. 

QPIs will measure the quality of care and outcomes for people with Head and Neck cancer. They are an effective mechanism for improving quality of care and in line with comparable countries. This work is also well underway for Lung Cancer and Prostate Cancer. Final reports for these are expected over the coming months and will be published on the Cancer Control Agency Website.

What feedback are we seeking?

We are providing an opportunity for all clinicians involved head and neck cancer services to provide feedback on this set of proposed QPIs. In particular:

  • do you think these QPIs are useful measures that can drive quality improvement for services provided to people with head and neck cancer?
  • do you have any feedback on the QPI descriptions and/or data descriptions?

How can you provide feedback?

You can provide feedback via this online survey. You can save your progress on the survey at any time by selecting the 'Save and come back later' button at the bottom of any page.

You can also send your feedback, comments and any queries about the indicator development process to:

When do we need feedback by?

Please complete your review of the indicators and submit your feedback by 13 June 2020.


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