We (New Zealand Ministry of Health) provide this service (Citizen Space). The technology behind this service and its operation is provided by Delib.

Privacy - Further Information

The Ministry of Health‘s privacy policy describes how the Ministry will use and protect your information.

Publishing submissions

We may publish submissions from consultations. However, we will only publish your submission with your permission. We will remove personal details such as contact details and the names of individuals.

Official Information Act requests

All submissions are subject to the Official Information Act, and may be provided to people on request. This may include personal details.

If you submit using our form, you will be asked whether or not you want your personal details removed. We will take this into account when responding to requests for copies of, and information on, submissions to this document under the Official Information Act.

Delib's privacy policy explains how Delib will collect, safeguard and process your data on behalf of New Zealand Ministry of Health.