Terminology Services and Code Sets

Closed 18 Dec 2020

Opened 2 Dec 2020



Terminologies and code sets are used in the Health and Disability System to ensure common meaning when describing Health-related information, which contributes to effective interoperability across the Health and Disability System. This consistency of meaning improves patient safety through accuracy of information recording and a universal understanding of codes, terms, and their definitions. Terminology services support the authoring, mapping, management, version control, and accessibility of terminologies and code sets for consumption through various systems and directly through term browsers.

This survey is designed to capture a National view of current challenges in managing or consuming health terminologies and code sets, and requirements and opportunities for providing terminology services across the health and disability system.

Survey audience

This survey is open to anyone in the Health Sector that might interact with terminologies or code sets. This might include those managing or providing technology that utilises terminologies or code sets, those managing or authoring the terminologies or code sets content, or Health Sector workers who use terminologies or codes in the software used to support work in the Health Sector (in the various drop downs or pick lists).

How the survey is organised

This survey is designed to be completed in one sitting, but also allows for more comprehensive written answers if you wish. You can save your answers and return later to complete the survey. If you select ‘save and come back later’, you will be sent an email with a unique link that will let you return to your submission to edit and submit it. You can share the link with your colleagues if you require their contribution.

Why your views matter


The results of this survey will inform the development of a National terminology and code sets service as described in the HISO Interoperability Roadmap - https://www.health.govt.nz/publication/hiso-100832020-interoperability-roadmap. By enabling national terminology services, we are contributing to the 'Using the same language' theme of the HISO Interoperability Roadmap.

- contact Alastair Kenworthy (alastair.kenworthy@health.govt.nz) for any questions regarding the HISO Interoperability Roadmap or SNOMED CT. 

Next Steps

We will analyse the results of this survey and your feedback to help determine needs and interest in a nationally managed terminologies and code sets service. The survey results will be anonymised for analysis. If you provide your name and contact details after completing this survey, this will be used only to communicate with you directly for further information on some of your answers.


  • Health sector
  • Ministry staff
  • Service providers


  • Health information standards
  • Emerging Health Technologies
  • National collections
  • Technology
  • Research
  • Change programme
  • Technology
  • Data and analytics