Understanding digital literacy for health and disability providers in New Zealand

Closed 20 Dec 2019

Opened 18 Nov 2019


Health care professionals need digital literacy to do their work safely and effectively. While other aspects of the health profession use traditional education models, we don’t currently have a formal training system or recognised titles for digital qualifications. People often work in digital and data roles and use digital tools by learning as they go, getting support from online communities and resources.

We want to understand how the health and disability sector has incorporated digital tools and platforms; what people already know; and what they feel they lack. Digital expertise can take many forms, so we want to hear from everyone. You don’t have to be a coder.

Please circulate this survey with your networks in the health and disability sector. We want to make sure our work responds to the needs of providers, and having a large number of responses from a wide range of people will help make that happen.

What the survey involves

We’ve designed our questions to learn what we can do to improve digital literacy in the health and disability sector. We’ll ask about where you work, what you do and what you think we can do to better support the digital transformation of the health and disability sector. We’ll also ask how digitally literate you think you are and what training you think people in your organisation need.

This survey is anonymous and voluntary. It should take you about 15 minutes to complete. At any point you can you save your progress by selecting the 'Save and come back later' option at the bottom of any question page . You can withdraw at any time before you submit your answers.

We will not ask for your name or share any data before we analyse it. We will not publish any identifying data in our analysis. We’ll use the information we collect to create a plan for increasing digital and data literacy in the health and disability sector and to write a report for the Clinical Informatics Leadership Network.

We value your response. If you have other ideas about how we could improve this work, contact DigitalHealth@health.govt.nz.


  • Members of the public
  • Health sector


  • Emerging Health Technologies