HISO 10099:2022 NZ International Patient Summary (NZIPS)

Closed 26 Aug 2022

Opened 9 May 2022


The Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO) invites public comment on new draft standard HISO 10099:2022 NZ International Patient Summary (NZIPS).

NZIPS specifies the makeup of a core personal health data set that covers health conditions, immunisations, medicines, allergies and adverse reactions, measurements, test results and care plans in its first edition.

The standard centres on a data set specification and outlines data exchange and data portability requirements for continuity of care, consumer access to personal health information and patient record transfer.

The standard conforms to ISO 27269:2021 Health informatics — International patient summary and sets parameters for Aotearoa's adaptation of the HL7® FHIR® IPS Implementation Guide.

NZIPS is a deliverable of the Interoperability Roadmap 2020 and a standard that promises to contribute to a more joined-up, equitable and efficient health system.

The draft is posted for comment on Health Consultation Hub for an extended period closing 26 August 2022. The consultation process will be used to firm up and build support for the specification ahead of its publication as a draft standard for trial use later this year.

The mahi to develop NZIPS has been guided by an expert advisory group of health professionals, health software developers and consumer representatives. The specification is now open for comment by everyone.


  • Members of the public
  • Āwhina app users
  • Health sector
  • Disability sector
  • Āwhina app users
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Service providers


  • Health information standards