Guidance for best practice management - National Bowel Screening Programme

Closed 18 Jan 2019

Opened 26 Nov 2018


The National Bowel Screening Programme (NBSP) is a significant investment in reducing disease and death from one of New Zealand’s biggest cancer killers. The NBSP is our first screening programme for both men and women and, when fully implemented, is expected to detect 500 to 700 cancers every year, in the early stages.

The development of these clinical guidelines aims to embed best practice clinical management across the screening pathway and ensure quality and consistency.

Why your views matter

This is a key document for the NBSP pathway and sits alongside the National Policy and Quality Standards for the NBSP.

The Clinical Oversight Group for NBSP (an internal National Screening Unit group), the Bowel Screening Advisory Group and the National Bowel Cancer Working Group have reviewed the Guidance. It is now important to receive comment on the content from stakeholders, service providers and interested parties before finalising the Guidance.

What happens next

Comments from the consultation will be collated and considered by the NBSP Clinical Oversight Group. Views will be used to inform and finalise the Guidance to be adopted. The final version of the Guidance will be published on the Ministry's website and will also be distributed directly to providers.


  • Members of the public
  • Health sector
  • Service providers


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