National Cervical Screening Programme: HPV Primary Screening Clinical Pathway to Introduce Self-Testing

Closed 8 Jun 2021

Opened 17 May 2021


The National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) is undertaking a public consultation for the revised human papillomavirus (HPV) Primary Screening clinical pathway to introduce the option of self-testing.

Why your views matter

In 2015, the Ministry undertook a public consultation on the proposed clinical pathway in preparation for implementing HPV Primary Screening.

Following on from this, the NCSP is now undertaking a further public consultation on an amendment to the pathway which introduces the option of self-testing. The consultation seeks feedback from NCSP stakeholders, professional bodies and advocacy groups on the changes.

Changes to the pathway are based on emerging international data, including experience with HPV primary screening in Australia since December 2017. In this proposal, everyone in the screening programme will be offered a choice of a clinician-collected sample or a self-collected sample (self-testing). Please find more information, including a list of technical references on the National Screening Unit website:

The outcomes of this consultation will inform the next phases of planning for HPV programme implementation.

What happens next

A sector feedback document with identified key themes will be published on the Natonal Screening Unit website.


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