Proposed addition to the Specified Prescription Schedule of Medicines Designated Registered Nurse Prescribers 2016

Closed 8 Jul 2022

Opened 8 Jun 2022


The Ministry of Health (the Ministry) invites submissions on proposed additions to the Schedule of Specified Prescription Medicines for Designated Registered Nurse Prescribers 2016.

The Ministry, on behalf of the Director-General, must consult with those people or organisations that may be affected by a change to the schedules before making a legal change by Gazette notice. The Nursing Council has agreed that these medicines are appropriate to be added to the list for designated registered nurses working in primary health and specialty team.

This submission will allow you to provide feedback on the proposed medicines: 

Active pharmaceutical ingredients

Proposed for addition to Schedule 1

Approved Medsafe product (brand name)





Yes (Paxlovid)




Yes (Lagevrio)

The oral antiviral medicines, Paxlovid and Lagevrio are used in the treatment of COVID-19 in adults, who do not require initiation of supplemental oxygen and are at increased risk of progression to hospitalisation or death.

The medicines should be taken as soon as possible after a diagnosis of COVID-19 has been made and within five days of symptoms onset. Registered nurse prescribers are well positioned to ensure equitable and timely access to COVID-19 treatments for their local communities.

Other information can be found at:

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