Feedback Survey - Health Impacts Paper

Closed 25 Oct 2022

Opened 11 Oct 2022


Purpose of feedback survey: 

This document seeks feedback from across the health system (TWO, NPHS, PHA) on ways to improve the draft publication, which is a part of the PHA healthy urban development kaupapa. The purpose of the healthy urban development kaupapa is to address the wider determinants of health through influencing urban development, planning, design and policy in this area. The Kaupapa therefore provides advice, evidence and guidance on the connections between our urban environments and its health, wellbeing and equity implications. The healthy urban development kaupapa is an integral part of the health and disability system response to influencing urban environments.


The Healthy urban development, planning and design can protect and promote health and improve wellbeing an equity publication is intended to be used:

  1. when Manatū Hauora/the PHA provides advice on central government policy making, the advisors and analysts can refer to this document for the general Manatū Hauora direction in this kaupapa
  2. when the National Public Health Service (NPHS) provides input into regional planning initiatives, the advisors and analysts can use this document as a general evidence base and guide for direction
  3. when parties outside the health and disability system are looking for evidence for the connection between public health, wellbeing and equity and the built environment; or examples how the health, wellbeing and equity implications can be addressed in planning, development and design processes.  



  • Health sector


  • Public health