Code of Practice for Dental Radiology: ORS C4 – Draft for consultation

Closed 2 Jun 2023

Opened 15 May 2023


This document sets out proposed wording for a revised Code of Practice for Dental Radiology ORS C4 (the C4 Code) to be issued under the Radiation Safety Act 2016 (the Act).

Section 90(a) of the Act requires the Director for Radiation Safety (the Director) review a code of practice every five years.

Also, section 90(b) of the Act requires before reviewing a code of practice that the Director consult any person who the Director reasonably considers is likely to be affected by the review. The purpose of this document is to provide suggestions to assist a person participating in the consultation process.

The survey at the end of the C4 Code contains questions that responders may wish to answer. This survey is also available online. The questions in the survey are provided as a guide only. A submitter to the consultation is free to provide any information that the submitter considers relevant.

Download the consultation document

Why your views matter

The current code for dental radiology was published in June 2018. It is secondary legislation and applies to any person who deals with a radiation source. Deal with is interpreted in the Act and includes to manage, control, use, sell, and supply a radiation source.

The target audience for this consultation includes all regulated parties that will be affected by the C4 Code and other persons, or organisations involved with dental radiology. 

All feedback received will be reviewed and will inform the revision of the C4 Code.

What happens next

The Office of Radiation Safety will analyse the feedback and provide comments on the outcome of the analysis before publishing the C4 Code.

We are aiming to complete the review of the final code of practice for non-medical irradiators for implementation by the end of 2019.


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