New Zealand Cancer Action Plan 2019–2029

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Closes 13 Oct 2019

Moving forward together

The New Zealand Cancer Action Plan 2019–2029 (the Plan) is for all New Zealanders affected by cancer. The Plan enables New Zealand to work collaboratively with the sector to prevent cancer and improve detection, diagnosis, treatment and care after treatment. 

The final plan will be a living document to ensure our focus and efforts stay targeted and relevant to the needs and aspirations of all New Zealanders. 

1. Do you agree with the four outcomes proposed in the Plan? (page 10–11)
2. Do you agree with the key areas within each outcome? (page 12)
3. Do you think the actions in the Plan will achieve equitable health outcomes for the priority populations identified? (ie, Māori, Pacific peoples, people living in rural and/or low socioeconomic areas, people with a mental illness and disabled people)
4. Are there any other actions that should be included?
5. Are there other aspects in the prioritisation framework that need to be considered?
6. What three actions across the entire Plan do you think should be progressed first?

Please note the bolded actions (page 13) are not included in this question as they are already being progressed.