Cancer Multidisciplinary Meeting Data Standard

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Closes 26 Jun 2020

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General comments
3.1. Patient
3.2. General practitioner details
3.3. Core referral information and key questions
3.4. Clinical background
3.5. Family history
3.6. Current presentation
3.7. Staging information: Do you support the use of TNM staging as the preferred staging classification?
3.7. Staging information: For TNM stage, basis, and date neoadjuvant therapy modifier, should TX be included?
3.7.19. Other staging system: Are there any staging systems listed that should be removed as they are no longer in use?
3.7.19. Other staging system: Are there any staging systems that are not on the list that should be included?
3.7. Staging Information: other feedback
3.8. Pathology/radiology review
3.9. MDM Meeting details
3.10. MDM discussion and recommendations
3.11. Post-MDM patient consultation
3.12. Administration
4. Adoption roadmap