Proposed colorectal cancer systemic anti-cancer therapy (chemotherapy) regimens: Draft definitions for review

Closed 6 Dec 2019

Opened 1 Nov 2019


Tēnā koutou katoa

We are seeking your clinical review of proposed colorectal systemic anti-cancer therapy (chemotherapy) regimen definitions.

The Ministry and the Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) NZ Colorectal Work Group have developed a set of regimen definitions for colorectal cancer. Driven primarily by the Medical Oncology Work Group (MOWG), the intention of this work is to implement consistent and agreed naming conventions for all common regimens in use for the treatment of colorectal cancer across the New Zealand public and private sector. Having consistent definitions provides the foundation for the collection and synthesis of this data into actionable intelligence and supports the improvement of outcomes for people with cancer.

It is important to make clear that this project is not about mandating specific treatments for specific cancers; it is not about telling oncologists how to prescribe. This project is about ensuring that whatever regimen an oncologist chooses to prescribe is named according to an agreed nomenclature and that (sometimes subtly) different regimens are appropriately labelled and differentiated through this nomenclature.

Download the draft definitions

What feedback are we seeking?

We are providing an opportunity for all professionals involved in medical oncology services to provide feedback on this set of regimen definitions. In particular, we would like to know:

  • if you think these definitions are accurate and reflective of current practice
  • if these definitions cover the range of regimens in common use across the New Zealand public and private sector.

Who are we seeking feedback from?

Primarily we are seeking feedback from medical oncologists, pharmacists and nurse specialists, who provide and support SACT treatment services for people with colorectal cancer in New Zealand. Other DHB staff may also wish to comment on the regimens definitions.

We expect individuals will assess the regimens in areas that relate to their specialist knowledge and they may review as many regimens as they wish.

How can you provide your feedback?

You can provide feedback via our online survey

You can also provide feedback, comments and any queries about the regimens or regimen development process to

When do we need feedback by?

Please complete your review of these definitions and submit any other feedback by Friday 6 December 2019.

What happens next

Your feedback will be presented and considered by the SACT Colorectal Working Group. Feedback will be incorporated into an agreed final set of colorectal regimen definitions. Centres will be requested to update their local regimen definitions to align with those presented in the finalised set. At present, an annual review and update process for these regimens is planned with the working group.


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