Well Child Tamariki Ora Review online feedback

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Closes 20 Jan 2020


Thank you for completing our online feedback. This will allow the WCTO Review team to get more insightful feedback on how the programme can be improved, from the people who are directly involved in the programme whether that be as a service provider or service user.

The first question is seeking feedback from service users. The next set of questions are based on six themes.

The six themes are:

  1. whānau-Centred
  2. equity
  3. workforce
  4. data and information
  5. integration
  6. funding and contracting.

There are  three questions under each theme, these are:

  1. what is your opinion on the current state? What may be missing? What is currently working well?
  2. to you, what does the desired service look like?
  3. what are you suggestions on how to create the desired service?

Please note: you are not required to provided feedback on all themes. You can respond to the theme/s you are interested in or want to provide information for.