Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) Action Plan

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Closes 13 Dec 2019


We are seeking feedback on the MFM Action Plan. 

The Action Plan has been developed by an improvement advisory group, supported by the Ministry of Health. 

The goal of the Action Plan is that women and babies in Aotearoa New Zealand achieve the best possible outcomes, through high quality MFM assessment and treatment, provided by expert practitioners. 

The Action Plan includes a service model that describes where and how MFM services should be provided, priority areas for improvement as well as improvement outcomes and actions. 

This consultation document is aimed at a range of audiences. The questions that accompany each section are intended to help focus feedback on specific areas of concern.

The primary questions are reasonably general, but you may wish to comment on each question. 

It is helpful, when assessing submissions, if submitters provide information about themselves. However, providing this information is not required for a submission to be considered, and you can choose to withhold this information if you wish.

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