Ethical Guidance for a Pandemic

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Closes 20 Sep 2022

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Chapter One proposes seven foundational elements (pages 7-11) to Aotearoa New Zealand’s pandemic response:

  • Honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi (page 8)
  • Developing a strong and well-functioning health system (page 8)
  • Building back better – getting ready for the future (page 9)
  • Adopting Te Whare Tapa Whā – a shared model of health and wellbeing (pages 9-10)
  • Embedding mātauranga Māori (page 10)
  • Taking an intersectional approach (page 10)
  • Upholding human rights (page 11).

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Question 1a. Which of the the proposed seven foundational elements to Aoteaora New Zealand’s pandemic response do you agree with? (tick as many as apply)
Question 1b. If you have any comments about the seven foundational elements, please explain below. Are there any foundational elements you want added, removed, or significantly changed? If you have no comments, you may leave this blank.