MPDS Provider Application Form 2020/21

Closed 11 Oct 2020

Opened 16 Sep 2020


The Māori Provider Development Scheme (MPDS) is an annual fund that provides grants to improve the capacity and capability of Māori health and disability providers. 

MPDS support aims to enable providers to participate equitably and deliver effective health and disability services through organisational and workforce development opportunities across a range of capacity development areas as follows:

  1. Māori specific capacity
  2. Mission, strategy and planning
  3. Service design and evaluation
  4. Human resources
  5. Information technology
  6. Financial management
  7. Governance and leadership
  8. Communications and external relations.

The eight capacity areas are from the Māori Provider Capacity Assessment Tool (MPCAT). MPDS funding categories align directly to the MPCAT capacity areas.

Applicants must undertake a self-assessment using the tool to identify areas that need development. The scoring from the self-assessment informs the development of the MPDS application, so applicants must have undertaken the MPCAT assessment to apply for funding and must also meet certain eligibility conditions.

Applicants will need to complete the following survey to apply. This survey will:

  • help confirm your eligibility
  • collect your organisation's details
  • record your MPCAT assessment
  • collect information on your proposed capacity improvement projects.

Note that this application is for Māori health and disability providers. There is a separate application form for national associations that represent Māori health or disability practitioners. Please see the Ministry's website for more details.

What Happens Next

Thank you for taking the time to make an application for funding under the Māori Provider Development Scheme (MPDS). The Ministry of Health will consider all applications submitted by the due date and reply to you soon.


  • Health sector
  • Disability sector
  • Service providers


  • Māori health