Feedback on the COVID-19 Psychosocial and Mental Wellbeing Recovery Plan

Closed 17 Jun 2020

Opened 16 May 2020


The Kia Kaha, Kia Māia, Kia Ora Aotearoa - COVID-19 psychosocial and mental wellbeing recovery plan provides a national approach to supporting the mental and social wellbeing of New Zealanders in the COVID-19 recovery period. 

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This plan provides a framework for collective actions to support whānau and communities to adapt and thrive next 12 to 18 months. It draws on the directions for mental wellbeing that were laid down in He Ara Oranga: Report of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction.

It is a ‘living document’ that we will continue to review as we assess the ongoing impacts of COVID-19.

What happens next

Feedback on the plan has been received from a wide range of organisations and consultation has now closed. We are now assessing all feedback, which is helping build a collective picture of how different organisations are contributing to the COVID-19 recovery and will assist with shaping a further iteration of the plan, anticipated for later this year.  


  • Members of the public
  • Health sector


  • Mental health