National guidelines for newborn pulse oximetry screening

Closed 28 May 2021

Opened 21 Apr 2021


The Ministry of Health is seeking your feedback on the development of national guidelines for newborn pulse oximetry screening.

National guidelines will provide a consistent and evidence-based protocol for those district health boards that have already implemented this screening, and for those who will implement this in the future.

The discussion document has been developed by a multidisciplinary working group, with support from the Ministry of Health. The document describes the purpose and benefits of newborn pulse oximetry screening and outlines the key considerations in developing national guidelines for this screening. We are seeking your views on the draft recommendations and screening algorithm proposed in the document. Three questions are asked of you on page 11.

Discussion document

What happens next

The Ministry and members of the multidisciplinary working group are currently analysing the written feedback. It is anticipated that the national guidelines will be published on the Ministry of Health website later this year.


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