Revised Code of Practice for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology ORS C1

Closed 5 Oct 2023

Opened 7 Sep 2023


The Radiation Safety Act 2016 (the Act) is administered by the Manatū Hauora – the Ministry of Health (the Ministry).

Section 86(1) of the Act allows the Director for Radiation Safety (Director) to issue codes of practice. This is for the purpose of specifying technical requirements.

The Code of Practice for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology ORS C1 (C1) first became effective as of 9 November 2018. Section 90(a) of the Act requires the Director to review a code of practice at least once every five years.

Section 90(b) of the Act requires that the Director consult with any person who the Director reasonably considers is likely to be affected by a review of a code of practice.

The Director has produced a revised C1 as part of the statutorily required review of C1. This document sets out for public consultation the revised C1. 

Download the consultation document

Why your views matter

C1 (and any amendments made) is a secondary legislation under section 86(6) of the Act and applies to any person who ‘deals with’ a radiation source. The term ‘deal with’ is defined in section 5 of the Act and includes ‘to manufacture, possess, control, manage, use, transport, store, export, import, sell, supply, or dispose of a radiation source’. Also ‘deal with’ is interpreted to mean ‘to carry out any other activity or practice involving the radiation source’.

Those affected by revised C1 include all regulated parties, and other people and organisations with a professional interest in diagnostic and interventional radiology or dental radiology.

The Ministry will review all feedback received as part of the consultation and use it to inform the amendment of revised C1.

What happens next

The Ministry will analyse and respond to any in-scope submissions. After this the Director will consider further drafting improvements of revised C1.

The statutorily required review of C1 will be completed following public consultation and before 9 November 2023.


  • Health sector
  • Industrial radiographers


  • Radiation safety