Core Performance Standards for Responsible Authorities

Closes 26 Jun 2020

Opened 4 May 2020


The Ministry of Health is currently seeking feedback on draft Terms of Reference and core standards for performance reviews of responsible authorities. (See the Ministry of Health website for more information about responsible authorities.)

When the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance (HPCA) Act 2003 was amended in 2019, one of the amendments introduced regular, independent performance reviews for responsible authorities (refer s 122A of the Act). This is in line with international trends in health occupational regulation, which include a strengthening of consumer protection, standardisation of legislation and institutional design, and improving the overall performance of regulators.

The attached consultation document outlines the rationale for performance reviews, issues to be addressed, and key points regarding development of the reviews. We then propose (general) terms of reference and performance standards for the reviews and invite your feedback on those proposals.

Submitting feedback

You can submit your feedback using the online form. The online form contains specific questions that submitters may wish to answer. These questions are included for convenience only and submitters should feel free to provide any information they feel is relevant. At any point you can save your progress on the form, by selecting the 'Save and come back later' button at the bottom of each page.

Alternatively, you can email your feedback to

We encourage group or joint submissions where possible, but also welcome individual submissions.

Please note that the deadline for submissions is 26 June 2020.

What happens next

Health Workforce will analyse all of the feedback received and will then finalise the Terms of Reference and core standards.

We aim to publish the final version by mid-July.

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